• Bill Cheshire

Blowing The Shofar in the Atlanta Area

On March 10, 2022, I blew the Antelope Horn Shofar, many times, in the Atlanta, Georgia Metro area. The purpose was the infuse God, into this major American city. [The Shofar is merely a tool, that God chooses to use, as long as the people blowing them are in right standing with God. They have to be in what we call 'tight-knit" fellowship with God, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost. They (We) have to be living a holy lifestyle, and no unconfessed sin. We must be Righteous and Holy, as God is righteous and holy. Only with God's help, and our obedience, is this possible. So, the Shofar, when it is blown, is the Audible Voice Of God, going out into the highways and bi-ways compelling souls (people) to come to Jesus, in ways that no human can do. The Holy Spirit can melt the hardest of hearts. Also, the Shofar is like a spiritual carpet-bomb, exposing notifying and driving out demonic presences in a certain area.] The Shofar, when it is blown by a righteous person, infuses LIFE into a city, region, city, neighborhood. This shofar has been blown 'on the fly' in many major and minor cities in the central, and southeastern United States. This is meant to encourage those who have a desire to please God, by living a righteous and holy lifestyle, and feel a calling to the Shofar. If you feel that calling, then get an antelope shofar, or a gem-buck shofar, or a kudu shofar, or even a rams horn (small, but very high pitched), and begin blowing the shofar in your neighborhoods, cities, villages, county seat and/or state capitals, or even out in the countryside. Ideally you want to blow 7 consecutive blasts in one area. If you'd like specific instruction, you can check our Brother James Pitsenberger at Holy Horns Ministries, on Facebook, and scroll through his videos. [Very informative, and I have been priviledged to come alongside his ministry for over 3 years, now.]

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