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December 2018: Haiti

I was priviledged to be invited to join Grace Fellowship Church, in Lima, Ohio, in September of 2018, on a short-term missions trip to Haiti. (I was sad, because I missed out on going on a missions trip to India, through another ministry, previously.) Brother Mike, from Grace Fellowship Church, I had just met. It was my first time at that church. I had just shared my story about India with him. Little did I know that he couldn't go to Haiti 'last minute', because has wife had just been diagnosed with late stage cancer, so he had to stay home with her. He said there was an introductory meeting at Grace, after the Sunday service, which would explain the 5 day missions trip, and the One Plus God Ministries' coordinator who was to go with the team. I asked Patty come come to the next meeting, about 3 weeks later. She financed my trip, and also helped another member of the team, to go, also. I was so proud of her doing that.

Memorable Moment: I sat with Pastor Nathan Branim, (and his wife, Julie) on the flight, which took us from Detroit, and then down to Miami, and then to Port Au Prince, Haiti. When we were still in the air, the clouds over-top of Haiti, were in the exact shape of a Bulldog. We knew, then, what 'the strong man', or major principality was, which we were going to be encountering, there.

We got settled in at our 'home base', which was barracaded with 8 foot high fencing, and wrapped razer wire all around, with ministry vans in the parking area, inside the fence. Guys were on one side of the big home, and the ladies were on the other side. Upstairs, outside, we had morning and evening devotionals, by Wyand De Wet, the founder of One Plus God Ministries.

Haiti is notorious for being very hot and humid, but when we were there, we had one day of 92 degree weather (farenheit), and the rest of the time, God kept us at 95 degrees, or below.

We got to see an orphanage, of 13 children, ages 2-14. I married couple ran this orphanage. Very humbling to say the least. Adorable children. They pulled at my heart strings.

Next we visited various businesses in the area, near where our 'compound' was. It was at one of these local stores, that I came across a book, documenting the destructive Haiti Earthquake of 2010, of which I knew nothing about. But if you saw the paved streets, and how how totally messed up they were, you'd understand quickly that a traumatic event(s) had happened, there.

Then we visited Mango Tree village, where the pastor, there, was having meetings in a straw hut (about the size of a small church in U.S. They were building a much bigger church, out in the countryside, and Pastor Nathan was asked to speak at this 2 day Revival Meeting. At least 20 people gave their hearts to Christ.

The first thing we noticed when traveling through SE Port Au Prince, in the ministry bus, was people threw their gabage into the streams, and wild pigs (huge), were in those streams, eating whatever they could find. It was definitely a 3rd world setting.

Next we visited a school, in the shanty area of the city. We were told not to shake hands with the people who lived near there, but they were 'full of demons'. I shook hands with one guy, anyway. LOL.

(I may add more later)

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