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  • Bill Cheshire

Forgiveness is Essential

Matthew 6 :14-15 tells us that if we don't forgive, then God will NOT forgive us. Ephesians 4 :32 'echos' that sentiment. I am reminded of books by Mary K Baxter, and Ivan Tuttle, where they describe very vividly their experiences in hell: what they saw, what it smelled like, and the sheer horror. I'm reminded of an account of a lady who was in hell for 400 years. She was a minister's wife. He had had an affair with another person, and the wife wouldn't forgive him. He begged her, and begged her, but she still didn't forgive him. Later she died, and ended up in hell.

My Son and I have been discussing his rather specific questions concerning predestination vs. free will. This is a very interesting topic, and I tried to unswer it, but the more I tried to answer it, the more uncertain I was which of the 2 trumped the other.

King David says, I believe in the Book of Psalms, that God knew us, before we engtered our mother's womb (conception). I told him that God knows the beginning, from the end. He knows all things. But it also says He gives us Free Will, to choose whether to obey His teachings or not. By the end of the 2 day discussion, I was left scratching my head.

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