• Bill Cheshire

Rabbi David Carpenter's House Gathering

Amazing manifestations of the Holy Ghost hasppen in this house, in Dalton, Ohio, 30 minutes East of Wooster, Ohio, off U.S. HWY 30. The main meeting, 'Praise N Eats' is usually the 3rd Saturday of each month, at 6PM. It is at these meetings, where we bring a dish to share, and we eat, first, and then we get into announcements by Rabbi David, and/or Sister Ruthy (David's wife). (One such announcement is they are looking for a much bigger home, where they can have many more people over, without people feeling cramped. They want to keep the #housechurch feel. The coziness, and feeling of HOME. Will you come into agreements with us, for this request?) Then we get into Praise and Worship, and the songs that are selected pierce our spirits, and this is where The Presence of God comes in. It is so powerful, that we start laying hands on our brothers and sisters in Christ, and many of them feel faint, and fall over, and lay on the ground. (Being slain in the Holy Ghost. Encounters with Jesus, The Holy Ghost, and God's Love happen at this point.) One of the giftings God has given me is "The Little Drummer Boy" anointing. (You may ask: "What is that?" It is where I play the antelope horn, like a melodic shofar, and it amplifies the worship experience. This also leads to encounters with God. Many people come up to me, and say: "How do you do that?" I tell them, often-times: "I do not know. I thought everyone who blows a shofar could play it as a melodic ministering tool". but I'm learning that it is a special gift entrusted to me, and a few others. I WILL TAKE IT :)

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