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What Spirit Are You Of?

(This is one of those posts which I may delete, later, BUT this may help people learn how to discern spirits. It's really important that if you find yourself getting offended by something someone says, or does, that we immediately take a step back, breathe deep breaths, look at why we are getting offended in the first place. We must be willing, without pressure, to willingly look within ourselves, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and ask him to reveal if there is any hidden way, or sin, in us, that is causing us to be offended, and that He reveal it to us. We are all one in Christ Jesus. We are all here to help each other.)

I recently encountered someone, whom I consider in my inner circle, but I have not yet met, in person. This person was critiquing one of my recent videos. But the spirit he was operating in, was not a loving, nurturing spirit. It started with the spirit of offense. We had a misunderstanding about what his intent was for blowing an instrument. He was merely using his instrument for praising Jesus. But the situation quickly escalated, and that spirit of offense then teamed up with character assassination, and fault finding, and then 'accuser of the Brethren.' I felt I was stripped naked, in my spirit-man. I didn't know what was happening to me, inside.

Although, later, I find myself being greatful for this experience. I carefully analyzed the actions I was being accused of. I realize I am a different environment, now. I'm getting used to having grandchildren back in the house, and it's no longer just Patty and I. I was doing a 'Weekly Worship and Word' Broadcast. for the 1st Time, while we had the 4 grandchildren here. It was quite challenging, because I felt I was being babysitter, and host of a Praise Time, so I was frustrated about not being able to focus on The Holy Ghost, like I usually do.

When others watch these broadcasts: If they have any hurts from their past, or are not used to the way we discipline our grandchildren (with the parent's permission), they may not unsterstand what motivates children to behave in different areas of the counrty, or world. Maybe they came from abusive situations, where certain types of discipline were done to the extreme, leading to abuse, of neglect. So it makes perfect sense why they may be alarmed in such cases.

However, I do know my grandkids, and I do know what motivates them. They get into stuff, or they mishandle stuff, and need continual micro-management, at least for the short term. They need to understand reverence for the things of God, and the spaces in which we praise him.

Am I perfect? 'Absolutely Not!' I will, and am, the first person to tell you so.

In conclusion: I would like to say that one of the ways the enemy comes to a person, is by the guise of "I'm just looking out for your well being, or your best interest." Again, before acting on any advise, take a step back, and ask the Holy Ghost for wisdom, and guidance (discernment). The Holy Ghost should be your best friend. He will keep you out of a lot of problems in this life. Trust Me :)

(I may add to this, later, but I hope this helps people understand my heart. Blessings.)

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